Health Care Professionals

Individuals who are authorized by health care professionals can register to buy products from licensed producers for medical purposes.

Learn more about accessing cannabis for medical purposes from a licensed producer.

Below are links to Health Care Professionals in Canada:


Canabo Medical Clinic

Canabo Medical Clinic is a leader in medical cannabis care. They are dedicated to bringing Canadians medical cannabis care through nation-wide medical cannabis clinics, a world-class processing and distribution facility, and innovative research.

Canadian Cannabis Clinics

Canadian Cannabis Clinics provides patients with the highest level of care and an improved quality of life through education on the therapeutic use of cannabis.


CannaConnect is dedicated to providing personalized care to military veterans and their families as well as those still serving. Creating a nurturing environment – one that is free of cost and hassle.

Harvest Medicine (HMED) 

Harvest Medicine (HMED) is a leading network of specialty medical cannabis clinics where patients receive best in class education, care, advice and follow-up support as they approach cannabinoid-based medicine.

Namaste MD

Namaste MD offers a free medical cannabis consultation and a safe, simple and easy way to facilitate medical cannabis prescriptions to eligible patients in Canada.