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NOVA Decarboxylator ~ $270

This revolutionary unit by Ardent puts the science of Decarboxylation at your fingertips.  Odorless and simple to use, the Lift activates all varieties of herbs for instant consumption. No more guesswork, just the confidence that you're getting it right every time.

Enjoy full activation for maximum potency and easy dosing. No guesswork or confusion about the quality of your herbs.


LEVO Oil Infuser  ~ $280

The LEVO Oil infuser is a welcome addition to the market. Infuse your favorite herbs into butter or oils via heat.

The LEVO oil infuser uses heat to extract nutrients, flavors, colors & scents into your oil or butter. Built using the highest quality materials, the LEVO oil infuser is sure to make your infusions easier.


Magical Butter Machine ~ $226

When it comes to making medicated 'edibles', many people are put off because it is so hard to properly mix your herbs and your other ingredients together effectively and to work out how much to use so that you get the correct dosing. The Magical Butter Machine 2 is one of the most revolutionary devices to hit the medicinal edibles market in a long time and it takes all the stress and hassle out of making your medicated ingredients.